Adjustable Torque Wrench With 1/2" Square Drive


Powers Fasteners

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    Product Features :

      • Bonding threaded rod and reinforcing bar into hardened concrete and grouted CMU.
      • Evaluated for installation and use in dry and water saturated concrete including water filled holes.
      • Suitable to r
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Specifications :

Cat No.DescriptionStd. Package
08284Wire Brush for 7/16" ANSI Hole - 3/8" Rod or 3 Rebar1
08285Wire Brush for 9/16" ANSI Hole - 1/2" Rod or 4 Rebar1
08286Wire Brush for 11/16" ANSI Hole - 5/8" Rod or 5 Rebar1
08278Wire Brush for 3/4" ANSI Hole - 5/8" Rod or 5 Rebar1
08287Wire Brush for 7/8" ANSI Hole - 3/4" Rod or 6 Rebar1
08288Wire Brush for 1" ANSI Hole - 7/8" Rod or 7 Rebar1
08289Wire Brush for 1-1/8" ANSI Hole - 1" Rod or 8 Rebar1
08290Wire Brush for 1-3/8" ANSI Hole - 1-1/4" Rod or 9 Rebar1
08291Wire Brush for 1-1/2" ANSI Hole - 10 Rebar1
08283SDS-Plus Adapter for Steel Brushes1
08296Standard Drill Adapter for Steel Brushes1
08282Steel Brush Extension,12"1
08280Hand Pump - Dust Blower (25 fl. oz. cylinder volume)1
08292Air Compresser Nozzle With Extension1
08465Adjustable Torque Wrench With 1/2" Square Drive(10 to 150 ft.-lbs.)1
08466Adjustable Torque Wrench With 1/2" Square Drive(25 to 250 ft.-lbs.)1
52073Adhesive Cleaning Kit, includes 4 wire brushes, steel brush extension, SDS-plus adapter,standard drill adapter, hand pump dust blower, gloves and safety glasses1

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Manufacturer: Powers Fasteners
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