Rebar Cutter Bits

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Quick Overview

  • Drill Size : 1/2" x 12"
  • Usable Length : 11"
  • Wt./Dozen : 6
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Rebar Cutter    Carbide Drill Bits

Product Description :

Rebar cutter bits provide a quick, easy method for drilling through mesh or reinforcing bars embedded in concrete when the drilled hole cannot be relocated. The bits are used in the retation only mode and are designed to fit in a standard rotary drill motor with a 1/2" Jacobs style chuck.
When drilling with a hammer drill or rotary hammer. it is important to stop drilling immediately when a standard carbide bit contacts steel reinforcing bar or wire mesh. If the drilled hole cannot be relocates, a rebar cutter bits is used to drill through the embedded steel. Insert the rebar cutter bit into the chuck of a standard 1/2" rotary drill. Place the bit into the partially drilled hole until it contacts the mesh or reinforcing bar. Drill through the embedded steel with the rebar cutter bit. Once the bit has drilled through the steel, remove the debris from the hole, then continue drilling with the standard carbide tipped bit using a hammer drill or rotary hammer.

Specification :

Catalog NumberDrill SizeUsable LengthWt./Dozen
08451/2" x 12"11"6
08449/16" x 12"11"7
08465/8" x 12"11"7 1/4
084711/16" x 12"11"10
08493/4" x 12"11"12
08517/8" x 12"11"12
08531" x 12"11"15
08551 1/4" x 12"11"24

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Additional Information

Manufacturer: Powers Fasteners
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